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Common Causes of High SWR

There are many things other than the antenna that can cause high SWR. SWR meter readings take into consideration the antenna, the coaxial cable, the mount, the mounting location, the vehicle and objects in the antennas near-field environment. We broke … Continue reading

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Antenna Basic Theory.

Antenna An antenna is a device that transmits and/or receives electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are often referred to as radio waves. Most antennas are resonant devices, which operate efficiently over a relatively narrow frequency band. An antenna must be tuned … Continue reading

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Transistor Circuit Test And Fault Finding Using A Multimeter

* some of the key points to note and hints and tips for testing and fault finding a transistor circuit including those in a radio with a multimeter. One of the main uses for multimeters whether they are analogue multimeters … Continue reading

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Coaxial cable how it works.

Like any electrical power cord, coaxial cable conducts AC electric current between locations. Like these other cables, it has two conductors, the central wire and the tubular shield. At any moment the current is traveling outward from the source in … Continue reading

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How Radio Waves Carry Information

Sending Information With Radio Waves Process Diagram Radio waves can be modified to carry information in many ways.  Three ways are shown and described below. The “Audio-frequency waves” shown below might be the electrical signal produced by a microphone when you … Continue reading

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Komunikasi Kecemasan.

Secara ringkas, komunikasi kecemasan adalah komunikasi yang digunakan ketika komunikasi harian seperti telefon dan pelbagai perkhidmatan radio gagal atau terganggu. Telah terbukti tidak mengira waktu dan tempat komunikasi kecemasan merupakan keperluan yang paling penting semasa kecemasan dan bencana untuk mengelakkan … Continue reading

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Callsign Prefix dan Suffix

Kearp kali kita terdengar rakan-rakan terlupa atau tersasul mengumumkan “Call Sign” (Tanda Panggilan) sendiri atau pun rakan-rakan lain. Bagi saya ianya perlu diperbetulkan kerana ia merupakan pengenalan yang ada hanya satu untuk satu stesen belum pernah lagi ada satu stesen … Continue reading

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