10 maksud ‘Q’ kod yang kerap kedengaran.

PenselApakah penggunaan ‘Q’ kod ini perlu atau tidak semasa berkomunikasi di 2 meter band, sedangkan penggunaannya hanya di dalam CW. Ianya bukanlah satu kesalahan tetapi ia perlu diperbetulkan kepada maksud yang sepatutnya seperti yang termaktub dalam “Guideline for Amateur Radio Service in Malaysia” yang dikeluarkan oleh MCMC. Pada amnya kesesuaian penggunaan ‘Q’ kod perlu diambil berat contoh untuk memendekkan apa yang hendak disampaikan, seperti semasa anda dalam situasi pemanduan atau akan memasuki kawasan sukar.

Adalah tidak wajar sepanjang anda ke udara penuh dengan ‘Q’ kod dan perkataan singkatan lain yang tidak pernah didengari atau difahami oleh rakan-rakan yang mendengar. Dalam buku panduan “Guideline for Amateur Radio Service in Malaysia” ada larangan mengatakan adalah dilarang menggunakan perkataan yang tidak difahami oleh rakan-rakan lain yang sedang mendengar seperti berikut:-

Prohibited Transmission for Amateur Radio Station

The following transmissions are strictly prohibited and you shall not do in operating an amateur radio station.

b) ……… messages in codes or ciphers intended to obscure the meaning thereof, except as provided herein; messages containing profane, offensive, obscene or indecent words of any language; or false or deceptive messages, signals or identification.

Ada beberapa ‘Q’ kod seperti berikut tercatat didalam buku panduan tersebut yang membawa maksud yang sepatutnya.

QRL ? : Are you (or is the frequency) busy?
Voice Usage: I am (or the frequency is) busy (with….); please do not interfere.
(QRL is never spoken but it is customary to say —Is this frequency in use?“ before making a call on an apparently-free frequency)

QRM ? : Is my transmission being interfered with?
Voice Usage: Your transmission is being interfered with …. (1 = nil, 2 = slightly, 3 = moderately, 4 = severely, 5 = extremely)
(QRM is sometimes spoken as —you‘re getting QRMd“ or there‘s a lot of QRM“ to indicate that the frequency is very congested)

QRP ? : Shall I decrease transmitter (output) power?
Voice Usage: Decrease transmitter (output) power.
(QRP has a more absolute —low power operation“ meaning rather than a relative —please lower your power“ one. Operating QRP“ refers to the sport of trying to make contacts with as low a power as possible, usually 5 watts or less)

QRT ? : Shall I stop sending?
Voice Usage: Stop sending / I am leaving the air.
(QRT is sometimes used to indicate that one is signing off. I‘m going QRT now)

QRZ ? : Who is calling me?
Voice Usage: You are being called by …… on ….. KHz.
(QRZ is always spoken “Q R Zed” and is used when one catches part of a call, particularly on an FM repeater, but can’t tell which station is being called. If I hear a friend of mine call someone, and it might be me, but I’m not sure, I might say “QRZ for 9M2XXX?” It can be used this way whenever there is doubt about whom the calling station is calling or what they want)

QSL ? : Can you acknowledge receipt?
Voice Usage: I acknowledge receipt.
(QSL when spoken either as a question or a statement has much of the meaning of “okay” or “I understand” or “I will comply.” “I’ll meet you later on at the house, QSL?” When communication quality is poor, “QSL” is sometimes repeated three or more times to indicate that the message was indeed received)

QSO ? : Can you communicate with ….directly or by relay?
Voice Usage: I can communicate with ….directly (or via relay….)
(QSO when spoken simply means “2-way contact.” “Eyeball QSO” refers to a face-to-face meeting)

QST? : Attention all radio amateurs:
Voice Usage: QST is usually used to introduce a broadcast message to all amateurs (the only type of one-way message allowed on amateur radio). “The following is a QST:”.

QSY? : Shall I (Will you) change frequency (to …..)?
Voice Usage: I am changing frequency (to….)
(QSY when spoken is either a suggestion or an announcement that one is changing frequencies. QSY simplex?“ is a suggestion that the two conversing parties leave the repeater to another non-repeater frequency in order to free up the repeater resource. Signing off using this is 9w2xxx, QSY“ conveys that I cannot be reached on the current frequency any longer (lest anyone try).

QTH? : What is your location?
Voice Usage: My location is ……
(QTH has the identical meaning QTH?” “I’m nearly home.“)

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