Ham Radio Toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer

N0HR the author of NØHR.com Resources for Ham Radio has released a toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer which provides you with a full set of tools, which are helpful to the average ham radio internet user.

Features which are included are (beside others):

  • Powerful search box. Simply enter some text in the box or select it in your browser, then use the search menu to quickly search any of the following:
    1. QRZ.com (great for callsign searches from the toolbar)
    2. DXwatch (spot searches from the toolbar)
    3. QSL Manager (lookup dx callsigns from the toolbar)
    4. FindU.com (APRS location information with a call search from the hamlinks toolbar)
    5. Ham Radio Links (search the links directory)
    6. Product reviews (select a ham radio product and instantly find reviews for it!)
    7. Ham Radio Classifieds at eHam and QTH.com (select a product and see if there are any for sale). Of course, you can also find ham radio products at eBay as well further down the menu.
        • Links to popular ham radio websites.
        • Access to the DXpedition Map.
        • Ham Radio Blog Feeds
        • Customizable email notifier and weather icon
        • UTC Time
        • WWV gadget to show propagation bulletins
        • Podcast player with ham radio related podcasts
        • Propagation Data from WWV

          For more info please visit: The Ham Radio Toolbar for Firefox and IE

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