Duplexer Fund

Logo MARESDear Friends of MARES,

MARES is in the midst of collecting some fund for purchasing a duplexer, cost about RM6000.

The fund is handled by 9M2RS and 9M2ZC, with the assistant of 9W2ARN. At present we have collected about RM1450, and would need about RM4550 more to go. Current contributor includes 9M2RS, 9W2CCW, 9W2SLC and SCS friends, and 9W2TPT and various contributor at club house donation boxes.

We would like to appeal to all members, to support this fund, and would welcome generous donation from the members.

To donate, you can pass the donation via the following method:

1. At club house – Pass to the donation box

2. Via ATM, CDM, MBB2U –
    Name  : Abd. Rashid Sultan
    Maybank Account : 0142 5310 1180

Note for method 2: Kindly email the confirmation to 9M2ZC at klzbd@yahoo.com for compilation.

Upon reaching the RM6000 amount, the duplexer purchase will be handled by 9M2RS. Expected delivery for the purchase is about 1 weeks, upon order confirmation.

For more details, read the following Mailing list thread – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mymares/message/3632

We would like to thank you for your kind contribution and would hope this would be a success.

Thank you.

***Info from MARES Site.

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